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Running an RCFE is difficult, but it doesn't have to be done alone!

Elder's Choice® is a professional consulting firm who specializes in the management, marketing and consultation of small Board and Care and Assisted Living facilities with up to 49 beds. Our philosophy of successful operation stems from over 30 years of combined experience in senior care. Elder's Choice® staff consist of RCFE administrators, skilled nursing discharge planners, marketing specialists, web designers, graphic artists, licensed general contractors and other clinical consultants who are well versed in Title 22 regulations and facility operations.

The most popular question we hear from Licensees and Administrators is:

"How do I get more residents and keep my facility full?"

When you sign with Elder's Choice®, you are signing on with a partner for life! Our success depends on your success. We help by connecting you with placement agents and reach out to discharge planners in the area. Simply put, we know how to put our clients in the limelight of agencies that are looking to place new residents everyday.

You may ask how we do this and the answer is simple: Over the years we have established close relationships with placement agents and work side by side with them to help ensure our clients' success.

Placement agents are a big source,
but not the only source!

To be successful in the RCFE business, you must explore all avenues of marketing. You cannot simply open a facility and expect residents and agents to come knocking on your door unless they know you exist. That's why our marketing campaign will consist of guiding you toward the proper channels of exposure within your community and beyond. Many of you reading this are likely not aware of the many marketing options available to you.

The Elder's Choice Accreditation Program Includes The Following
Amazing Benefits:

Unlimited access to 24/7 consulting via email and text (many say the membership price alone is worth this very valuable service).

You are free to ask our experts any question regarding RCFE operations including Title 22 regulations, staffing, marketing tips, compliance issues, etc. A prompt response is guaranteed within 24 hours for most questions and often times sooner than that! This service will help break down the complexity of the Title 22 regulations for you.

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EC CONNECT: Your legally required Title 22 and Health and Safety Code update service included for FREE!

Per most state guidelines, all facilities are required to subscribe to an update service. Elder's Choice® includes this service at NO COST to its accreditated members. Currently these subscriptions cost anywhere from $80 to over $200 per year through other vendors.

Handling of all grievances by your clients (if any) and personalized assistance with any State issues such as deficiencies, plans of correction and civil penalties.*

We can even talk to the State on your behalf if you wish.

Modifications as necessary to your existing documents such as policy and procedures, plan of operation, admission agreements and other operational tools.*

RCFE's are no exception to the old business rule: "To make money you have to spend money."

However, you don't have to spend an enormous amount. That's why members of Elder's Choice® Accreditation will receive exclusive discounts off marketing materials, custom web design, logo design, stationary and other tools as necessary to help you succeed.

Monthly visits to your facility to ensure compliance regulation and quality assurance.

Elder's Choice® Quality Assurance Program will help shield you from deficiencies and unwanted civil monetary penalties. These visits consist of up to one hour on-site inspection of the physical plant and review of any records your Administration deems appropriate at time of visits. Click here to learn more about the Quality Assurance Program.

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*Additional fees may apply.


We can even customize inservice training based on your facility type, staffing and overall needs.

Additional time is available by appointment and is billed at the hourly rate of only $75 (this is a special price available to members only). Special discount pricing available for bulk staff training and other custom projects upon request.

Other exclusive services at discounted prices include:

Hospice waivers
Bedridden clearances
Dementia programs
Your facility will be recognized as a top notch facility who strives to remain in compliance with State regulation and who strive to provide excellence in senior care and general customer service. Elder's Choice® accrediting advisors consist of Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers and experienced facility consultants with specific knowledge of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.
Our goal is to keep your marketing and advertising cost low while increasing your exposure in the community.
Elder's Choice® Gives
Seniors a VOICE!
After building up the service Elder's Choice® is known for: Accreditation, 24/7 consulting, Education and Marketing — We are now ready to release the program that gave Elder's Choice® its name to begin with!


Elder's Choice® Introduces the Elder's Choice® Award for Best in healthcare related Services and Product!
Elder's Choice is proud to announce the Elder's Choice® Award healthcare business entities who serve Seniors in communities throughout California and across the country!