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About Us

caregiver doing a home visit to an elderly coupleElder’s Choice® was founded in 2001 by the current CEO, Michael Bilger, as a senior resource provider for individuals and companies who serve the elderly population. The company soon became involved in the assistance of opening and managing senior care facilities. As state regulations for Senior Housing began to change rapidly, the company began to see a strong need for education, training, and consultation for the care providers, and began offering this service in 2004.

By 2008, Elder’s Choice® began to teach an array of educational courses approved by the State of California as a continuing educational requirement for senior housing administrators. In 2012, Elder’s Choice® expanded their services to include required staff training and comprehensive facility inspections. That same year, the company introduced a customized Accreditation program which requires RCFEs to adhere to certain standards of excellence in care delivery.

In 2013, Elder’s Choice® began to partner with a number of other companies to offer services to senior care providers including skilled nursing, home health, transportation companies, insurance agencies, and many more. In 2015, Elder’s Choice® developed an exclusive network membership open to any senior care facility offering them affordable solutions for continuing education for administrators, staff training, facility inspections, generalized consulting, regulation updates, and so much more.

Today, Elder’s Choice® has begun a massive expansion throughout California and other states to offer personalized placement assistance and resources for seniors and their families with NO CHARGE. These huge online services will offer easy solutions and create many opportunities for others who work within the healthcare industry.

Branch offices currently cover Northern and Southern California. Extended services also reach as far as the east coast and Honolulu, Hawaii. The recent expansion underway for 2017 and beyond will surely service beyond the United States once fully developed.

Mission and Vision
Elder’s Choice®’s mission is to offer personalized placement services and resources to seniors and their families while maintaining a necessary and vital human touch throughout the process.

What makes us different
Other larger companies that offer vast resources lack the personal touch our seniors and families need. Elder’s Choice® offers a large based service yet still maintains the feel of a personal and caring process for our seniors.

Facilities are also assured that our care coordinators will tour their clients and be adequately trained to answer general questions regarding facility operations and regulations. Finally, our services are backed by staff with over 50 years of combined experience in senior care operations and staff training.

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