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Elder’s Choice® Network Membership

Join the Elder’s Choice® Network Membership today and save on your State required trainings as well as other services vital to your success!

FREE TO JOIN – this is an annual membership which is renewable on the anniversary date of membership commencement.

PLEASE NOTE: The training noted on our website is per California regulations only. If you reside in another State, please contact us via phone or email.

This membership shall include the following services:

  1. Continuing Education Units for RCFE Administrators offered by Elder’s Choice® or other contracted partners - Included with your membership will be the required 40 hours needed to re-certify your RCFE certificate. Elder’s Choice® is an approved vendor with the State of California Department of Social Services to offer continuing education to RCFE Administrators (CEU Approval No. 2000411-740-2). Elder’s Choice® currently offers 40 hours CEUs for $275. Members will receive 10% off this already low price. Members may also go through one of our contracted network providers for various discounted rates.
  2. Staff initial and annual training - All new staff are required to obtain 40 hours of initial training and existing staff are now required to obtain 20 hours of training annually. Members receive $50 off the fee for staff training (fees vary based on number of hours spent and content covered)
  3. 24/7 consulting via email and text - Members will be able to contact Elder’s Choice® 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via email and text to receive general consultation regarding their RCFE operations.
  4. Subscription to EC CONNECT™ Regulation Update Service - Per regulations, all RCFEs in operation must subscribe to a regulation update services. Elder’s Choice® provides this through our signature EC CONNECT™ Regulation Update Service. These periodic emails send out new regulation updates as well as reminders of Title 22 and Health and Safety Code existing regulations. In addition, EC CONNECT™ furnishes recent actual citations issued to RCFEs (RCFE names omitted) as a tool for learning the current trends in LPA visits and inspections. This very valuable subscription service is included for FREE!
  5. Full Comprehensive Facility Inspections - These inspections cover a 50-point checklist designed to get any RCFE into total compliance. Our inspectors will be far more detailed than even your LPA and give tips and suggestions on how to stay compliant. We will review staff and resident files, medication records, physical plant, the latest regulations and so much more! This valuable investment for your RCFE is available to members for 10% off the current regular pricing.
  6. Assistance with plans of correction as necessary - If you ever require a plan of correction assistance, Elder’s Choice® has you covered. As a member of the network, you will receive assistance with plan of correction at 10% off our regular consulting rate!
  7. Customized forms, 30-day notices and other off-site consulting needs - Elder's Choice® can develop a variety of forms to be used by your RCFE and customize them as well! We can also assist with 30 day notice and any other off-site needs. This service is available to members at 10% of our regular consulting rate!
  8. FREE Access to HousingTree™ (Facility management software) - This new system developed specifically for RCFEs will allow you to post your vacancies and photos and allow them to be viewed in REAL TIME. Elder’s Choice® has contracted with HousingTree™ to offer this service to you for FREE. By posting your vacancies, you will let many know that your vacancies exist and highly increase the possibility of referrals.
  9. Access to fill in forms typically used by your RCFE - Coming Soon! You will be able to access forms such as 602s, incident reports, resident appraisals, needs and service plans and more as fillable forms. In cooperation with HousingTree™, Elder’s Choice® will be able to bring this premium service to you for a determined low monthly fee.
  10. Access to Home Health training - Elder’s Choice® has reached an agreement with Applied Healthcare Solution, Inc. to offer educational assistance on fall prevention, signs and symptoms of illness and other knowledge required to help keep your residents healthy and out of the hospital and skilled nursing facilities. Resident of RCFEs who are hospitalized have a 50% chance of not returning. Elder’s Choice® will assist network members in keeping their residents happy and healthy. This service is included for FREE to all network members.
  11. Generalized Consulting and Special Projects - Elder’s Choice® is able to assist in virtually any aspect of RCFE operations. As a member of this exclusive program, you will be entitled to such services at 10% off our normal rates. We can negotiate a consulting package for you that fits your specific needs guides you to success. Come talk to us!
  12. Custom Ads created and promoted! - With your membership and at your request, Elder’s Choice will create a personalized email advertisement for your facility and/or a Facebook, Twitter or similar type advertisement. (Facebook, Twitter and other similar rate charges may apply based on your desired level of exposure). This service is available to members at 25% of our normal rate of $150!
  13. Current Copy of Title 22 Regulations, Health and Safety Codes AND Chapter Legislation. Many new laws have been passed. Title 22 regulations require all RCFEs to maintain a current copy of the regulations in the facility. We help you meet this requirement by furnishing you with this information. We will send this to you electronically per your request FREE with your paid membership!!! ***The Title 22 Regulations will be in WORD format and include a searchable format for easy access to desired topics (providing user has the latest Microsoft Word installed). The Health and Safety Codes will be sent as user friendly links to all the associated articles. The Chapter Legislation will be sent as a direct link.***

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